Our fee structure is crystal clear.


Our fee scales are explained below.


The cost of traditional court proceedings can be sky-high.


Choosing for out of court dispute resolution, can result in huge savings.


Choosing CEDIRES may, for several reasons, result in additional cost reductions:


• Alternative dispute resolution (ADR), especially when organized by CEDIRES, usually takes (much) less time than court proceedings;

• There is, in principle, only one degree of jurisdiction (no appeal proceedings);

• We employ no permanent staff;

• We have little overhead costs: our headquarters (Château du Bois d’Angre) is owned by one of our members and is graciously put at the disposal of CEDIRES;

• The above-mentioned elements make it possible within CEDIRES to provide high quality legal services by lawyers who, without exception, belong to the very best of their generation, but without exorbitant price tags.


Our remuneration is very transparent.  Our fee structure is simple.  We basically work according to two different formulas, “Standard” on the one hand, and “Tailor made” on the other.


If the parties do not agree which formula to apply, we normally apply the “Standard” formula, based on fixed amounts depending on what is at stake.  You shall find those rates by clicking here.


If the parties so agree, we can also work based on billable hours (we call that the “Tailor made” formula).  The costs of the proceedings may be somewhat less predictable, but applying hourly rates can result in substantial savings, especially in high-stake disputes.  Our normal hourly rates are as follows.


• For disputes which cannot be evaluated in financial terms or with a financial stake of less than 500,000 Euros, we normally work with a panel consisting of one or three members (depending on the chosen dispute resolution method: mediators, arbitrators or mediators-arbitrators), whereby we apply an hourly rate of 150 Euros per person;

• For disputes with a financial stake between 500,001 Euros and 2,500,000 Euros, we apply an hourly rate of 200 Euros per person;

• For disputes with a financial stake between 2,500,001 and 10,000,000 Euros, we apply an hourly rate of 250 Euros per person;

• For disputes with a financial stake from 10,000,001 to 25,000,000 Euros, we apply an hourly rate of 350 Euros per person;

• For disputes with a financial stake as of 25,000,001 Euros, we apply an hourly rate of 500 Euros per person.


Our pricing structure is not only very transparent, yet also extremely competitive and, we think, very fair.


If the parties would have chosen an arbitration in the framework of which they each appoint one arbitrator, and Cedires would merely appoint the president of the arbitral tribunal, deviations from the above-mentioned rates are possible, but only after the parties have been informed thereof at the beginning of the proceedings, in order to avoid any surprises.



 Center for Dispute Resolution