Commercial disputes

Resolving commercial disputes, in the largest sense of the word, is our core business. The disadvantages of traditional court proceedings are well known: high costs, lengthy duration, uncertain results, a solution which oftentimes is unsatisfactory to both parties, and last but not least: serving a writ of summons usually puts a final end to any … Read more

Advantages of med-arb

The main advantages of med-arb are: • All advantages of mediation (i.e. the “med” in med-arb) remain fully applicable; • Ordinary mediation has a very significant disadvantage, i.e. if it fails (in other words, if it does not result in a mutually agreeable solution), the mediation attempt was a waste of time, money and energy. … Read more

Advantages of mediation

The main advantages of attempting to reach agreement by mediation are: • You are directly involved in negotiating your own agreement; • Preparation for mediation is far easier and simpler than is required to prepare for arbitration or litigation; • No settlement can be imposed upon you (as happens in litigation or arbitration); • The … Read more

Advantages of arbitration

The advantages of arbitration include: • arbitration is usually much faster than litigation in court, and a time limit can be placed on the length of the process; • unlike in court, parties can select an arbitrator with an appropriate degree of practical experience; • possibility to combine the procedure with other dispute resolution mechanisms … Read more

What can we do for you?

If you wish to avoid a waste of time, money and energy because of lengthy court proceedings, do not hesitate to use our dispute resolution clause in all your contracts as well as terms and conditions. Should you be involved in a dispute based on a contract which does not contain the CEDIRES dispute resolution … Read more

Recommended ADR Practitioners

Our friends and partners include: Argentina Brueño & Asoc. – Law and mediation. Our contact person: Professor Maria Alejandra Cairatti, lawyer and mediator ( Canada Workplace Fairness Institute,  Our contact person: Blaine Donais (LL.B., LL.M., C.Med.).  The Workplace Fairness Institute provides people and organizations with fair, effective and sustainable solutions for preventing, resolving and … Read more


Elvis Has Left The Building.

How we work

The services we used to offer essentially consisted of the following: ● analysis and evaluation of your litigation policy: free of charge; ● providing information about our services (what can we do for you, how can your company save on litigation costs, what do you have to do specifically, what are the costs of mediation … Read more


A mini-trial is a private, consensual process where the attorneys for each party make a brief presentation of the case as if at a trial. The presentations are observed by a neutral advisor and by representatives (usually high-level business executives) from each side who have authority to settle the dispute. At the end of the … Read more


The choice: arbitration vs. mediation. You’re not sure which of two common dispute resolution processes, mediation or arbitration, to use to resolve your conflict. Mediation is appealing because it would allow you to reach a collaborative settlement, but you’re worried it could end in impasse. You know that arbitration would wrap up your dispute resolution … Read more