Intra-company disputes

Conflicts can paralyze an organization.

Conflicts can demoralize people.

They can affect your business productivity.

Conflicts can escalate in such a manner that they will affect the quality of the goods or services your company delivers.

Tensions within your company can therefore ultimately be damaging to your reputation.

Terminating employment relationships because of a conflict between employees, is not always the appropriate solution (especially in latent conflicts, which did not result in any misconduct that warrants dismissal for just cause). In light of the associated social liabilities, that is not always the most cost-effective strategy.

Depending on the nature of the conflict, we will examine with you which approach is most appropriate.

A purely legal approach is obviously not always the most appropriate for a company to resolve an internal conflict.

The resolution (or even prevention) of internal conflicts within a company can only be made-to-measure.

A multidisciplinary approach can be useful. We also work together, if desired, with business and organizational psychologists.

Even though the ways in which a conflict within your company - at whichever stage it may be - is tackled are almost unlimited, within CEDIRES they all have one common characteristic: an unflinching focus on results to the benefit of your company.