Sample contracts

Sample contracts (also known as model contracts) are tools that can be both useful and dangerous. Useful because it is not necessary to draft every single contract starting from a blank page. A contract drafted on the basis of a model will oftentimes be more complete and balanced than a concise text written "from scratch". At the same time, model contracts can be dangerous because they are not always adapted to a specific situation. Moreover, the law is constantly evolving. Consequently, model contracts are not always in line with the most recent state of case-law or legislation. We provide a few free sample contracts below, as "the next best thing", to be used at your own risk, and to be avoided by inexperienced users. The careful contracting party will always be assisted by a lawyer.

If you are looking for sample contracts in French or Dutch, please consult the French or Dutch version of this website.


● Confidentiality Agreement. Click here for an example of a Confidentiality Agreement in Word format.

See also: Non-disclosure agreement.


● Distributor Agreement. Click here for an example of a Distributor Agreement in Word format.

Mediation agreement

● Mediation agreement. Click here for a mediation agreement in Word format.

Non-disclosure agreement

● Non-disclosure agreement. Click here for a template mutual non-disclosure agreement in Word format.

● See also: Confidentiality Agreement.

Settlement agreement

● Settlement Agreement. Click here for an example of a settlement agreement in Word format.

Share purchase agreement

● Share Purchase Agreement. Click here for a model of a Share Purchase Agreement in Word-format (SPA, Stock Purchase AgreementStock Transfer Agreement, including the usual representations and warranties).