Comment travaillons-nous?

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The services we offer essentially consist of the following:

analysis and evaluation of your litigation policy: free of charge;

providing information about our services (what can we do for you, how can your company save on litigation costs, what do you have to do specifically, what are the costs of mediation and arbitration through CEDIRES, what is the legal value and effect of a settlement obtained through mediation or of an arbitral award, what can we do for large corporations, small and medium-sized enterprises, private individuals): free of charge;

contacting your opposing party after a dispute has arisen, in order to try and convince them to choose for dispute resolution through CEDIRES: free of charge;

reviewing your existing standard contracts and terms & conditions: free of charge (*);

advice on drafting contracts and other contractual documents such as terms & conditions: free of charge (*);

mediation (at CEDIRES usually a stage before arbitration, i.e. if the mediation would not result in a settlement, the case shall be dealt with through arbitration, offering the parties the certainty that the dispute shall be resolved);

arbitration (to a large extent comparable to court proceedings, except that a judge is appointed by the government, whereas an arbitrator is appointed by the parties, or appointed by CEDIRES at the request of the parties);

other out-of-court dispute resolution mechanisms, such as (a) “early case assessment”, i.e. an out-of-court fast-track resolution of an already pending law-suit (we organize this as a form of arbitration, i.e. a binding procedure providing the parties with the guarantee of a resolution of the dispute); (b) mini-trial: a mini-trial panel consists of an independent and impartial president, in addition to two other members of the mini-trial panel, who are members of the management of each of the parties, the result of a mini-trial is a settlement, if no settlement is reached, the president of the panel decides the matter as an arbitrator; (c) other formulas, in some cases tailor-made based on the necessities of the matter (e.g. med-arb-med).

(*) The above-mentioned services marked as “free of charge (*)” are free of charge in as far as they pertain to reviewing of and advice on dispute resolution clauses (mediation and/or arbitration clauses) or mediation and/or arbitration agreements, or other forms of ADR (alternative dispute resolution) clauses and agreements.